Five Big Industrial LED Lighting Trends to Watch in 2019

European LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting market is growing with 9.5% per annum. Performance in
American LED manufacturers are impressive, south-Asia, Middle East, and India are rapidly growing
market. These all evoke the interest to watch LED lighting trends.

Factors Influencing LED Trends in 2019

Three main factors are influencing the global lighting market trends. These are macroeconomic situations, energy efficiency regulations, and policies of the regional government.

Segmentation in Lighting Market

We can segment the LED market into residential, commercial, and industrial lighting systems. Today, my
focal point is industrial LED lighting trends to watch in 2019. Let’s explore it further.


LED a Better Option for Industrial Lighting


Cost Cutting Operation Optimization Health & Safety Augmentation Enhanced Sustainability
  • The LED leads to low energy consumption.
  • Cut capital investment with LaaS (light-as-a-service) model.
  • LED cuts disruption & downtime.
  • Increased productivity by improving working conditions.
  • Enhance manufacturing performance.
  • Easy re-zoning irrespective of shifting light fixtures.
  • LED comply with health standards.
  • LED offers a safe environment.
  • Leads to employee well-being. 
  • The LED leads to a lower carbon footprint.
  • It is maximizing environment impacts.
  • Comply with international regulations.


Industrial LED Lighting Trends

Lighting needs for various industries differ widely like for manufacturing units, warehouses, outer premises, and paths or streets among the large industrial units.

We know LED is a great solution among various emerging and innovative options. It is thanks to the following trends.

1 – Energy Efficient LED Lighting Trends

However, traditional lighting systems usually consumes high energy. For instance,

  • Incandescent lamps use heated filaments
  • Fluorescent lamps use gas discharge
  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps use an electric arc

Now, LED lamps/fixtures are converting electric energy directly into light energy because of the P‐N junction. Thereby, LED comes with less power consumption, higher reliability, extremely small, & compact size, and prolonged durability make it an obvious winner in modern lighting technologies. 

LED luminary is advancing at a tech point of view and offers adequate opportunity for high luminous efficiency, personalization, central control, convenience, and additional functions.

2 – Industrial LED High Bay Light Trends:

In industry, some skeletal frameworks are creating from the internal sub-spaces to offer additional facilities, which are recognizing as bays. For instance, gym, big-box retail, warehouse, High-bays are more than 20 feet off the floor while low-bays are less than 20 feet. It is resulting in high ceiling and light applications. 

LED High-Bay Light Manufacturing Company provides premium efficiency luminaries and controls, as well as comply with regulations.  The increased LED high-bay light trends have created demands for a variety of options for CRI (color rendering index), CCT (correlated color temperature), wattages, optics, and output sizes.

3 – Industrial LED Street Light Trends:

The world is on the way to create smart cities and even villages by implementing IoT, AI, and location-based mobile technologies. The role of LED Street Light becomes significant. It is because it supports the integration of security cameras apart from giving energy-efficient lighting.

Moreover, LED facilitates light fidelity technology integration to provide ultra-fast wireless data transfer technologies using its fixtures in the LED street light poles. Thereby, it offers centralized management using IoT integration with mobile applications with mobility advantages. You can get more insights from an LED Street Light Manufacturer Company and its support staff.

4 – Industrial LED Flood Light Trends:

PIR sensors trigger light automatically and pick the senses of movements under the light shades. Dusk to dawn sensor illuminates light during night time and saves from wastage of power. LED Flood Light Manufacturer Company can satisfy your thirst to know how you can apply smart LED Flood Light solution in your industrial premises.

5 – Industrial LED 2×2 Panel Light Trends:

LED 2×2 Panel Light provides the best interior design solutions for industrial premises and offices, where the matching with ceiling is a concern. It has the slimmest profile with 10+mm thickness. 

It is a highly flexible solution to get precise light control, uniform, shadow-less light, and high optical efficiencies. A leading LED 2×2 Panel Light Manufacturer Company can guide you to select the panel and install it appropriately.