LED High Bay 165 Watt

There is no place for any poor lighting in any industrial building over and above appropriate LUX Achievement is always a challenge for any industrial light application.

Appropriate LUX Achievement in Industrial lighting is just one aspect of supporting the demands of industrial manufacturing processes. Older the industrial lighting system (Traditional kind) lesser is the Lumen Output and More is the power consumption hence over all waste of Energy and Money both. Over and above older lighting systems are not able to provide the quality of light required for the visual tasks in modern production facilities. At the same time, there is pressure to keep operating expenses in line by managing the energy used by all systems. Industrial lighting with LEEDAX LED high bay light very most supports variety of important tasks in any industry such as picking, placing, manufacturing, processing, assembling, monitoring, viewing, safety, packing, shipping, office works area and lastly to minimize the operational cost of lighting itself. LEEDAX LED high bay light is designed especially for “industrial lighting” to cattle variety of Industrial application.

LEEDAX LED High Bay is of high CRI, high initial lumen/watt efficacy, and high lux at work area, high reliability, Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly and long lasting industrial LED light.

Technical Data Sheet

*LED Life Span as per LED Manufacturer LM-80 LED Life Time Projection Report

  • Product Code: HBY165NI
  • Watts: 165 Watts
  • CRI: 70-80
  • LED Beam View Angle: 130 Degree
  • I/P Voltage Range: 145-270 Volt AC
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Surge Protection: 4KVA
  • LED Life Span: 50,000 Hours
  • LED LM-80 Report: Yes
  • Power Factor; > 0.9
  • THD: <10%
  • Driver Efficiency :> 85%
  • Body Type: Aluminum Pressure Die Cast
  • Covering: Toughened Glass
  • Error % for above all: ((+/-) 10%)