LED High Bay 82 Watt

High bay led lights or led high bay light are more importantly used in Industries and factories especially engineering industries where ground level lux achievement are always a challenge considering the atmospheric dust and other aspects.

High bay lighting defined as indoor Industrial lighting in spaces with ceilings higher than six meter is used in a variety of applications, including big-box stores, sports venues, warehouses, laboratories, cold storage facilities, retail and showroom areas, gyms, manufacturing plants, transportation terminals, convention centers, and many other commercial and industrial spaces.

Industrial lighting with led high bay light supports variety of important tasks in any industry such as picking, placing, manufacturing, processing, assembling, monitoring, viewing, safety, packing, shipping, office works area and lastly to minimize the operational cost of lighting itself. LEEDAX “led high bay light” is designed especially for “industrial lighting” application with robust technical design and which is far better than any other industrial lights

Technical Data Sheet

*LED Life Span as per LED Manufacturer LM-80 LED Life Time Projection Report

• Product Code: HBY82NI
• Watts: 82 Watts
• CRI: 70-80
• LED Beam View Angle: 130 Degree

• I/P Voltage Range: 145-270 Volt AC
• Over Voltage Protection: Yes
• Surge Protection: 4KVA
• LED Life Span: 50,000 Hours
• LED LM-80 Report: Yes

• Power Factor; > 0.9
• THD: <10% • Driver Efficiency :> 85%
• Body Type: Aluminum Pressure Die Cast
• Covering: Toughened Glass
• Error % for above all: ((+/-) 10%)