Available Color Temperature Options
• Warm White: 2700-3900 Degree Kelvin
• Neutral White: 4000-5500 Degree Kelvin
• Cool White: 5500-6500 Degree Kelvin

LED Panel Light 15 Watt

Although conventional LEDs are popular, they do possess the problem that a single broken LED can have a significant adverse influence on others nearby. With LED panels, this problem is much reduced owing to a carefully thought out circuit design. A side-benefit of this is that panel lighting works well where an electricity supply of stable voltage cannot be guaranteed. There is no danger of overheating, unlike with incandescent bulbs, as LEDs have no thermal effect.

The acrylic used for light panels is resistant to shattering and to many corrosive chemicals, as well as being able to withstand hot and cold temperatures and humidity levels. This durability also makes LED light panels ideal for installation in places where maintenance is difficult, such as hard-to-reach areas which might require closure of a building for full replacement to be carried out. This in turn will lead to a reduction in total costs.

Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturers of LED Street Light, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

• Product Code: PNL15HG
• Watts: 15 Watts
• LED Make: OSRAM/Lextar/Hongli/Etc…
• Color Temp: 5500-6500 Degree Kelvin
• Color Rendering Index: 70-80
• LED Beam View Angle: 130 Degree

• Type: Conceal
• LED LM-80 Report: Yes
• I/P Voltage Range: 145-270 Volt AC
• Frequency: 50 Hertz (+/-) 5 Hertz
• Over Voltage Protection: Yes

• Surge Protection: 2KVA
• Power Factor; > 0.9
• THD: <20% • Driver Efficiency :> 85%
• Error % for above all: ((+/-) 10%)