58 Watt LED Flood Light

A flood light is an artificial light that is directed or diffused as to give a comparatively uniform illumination over a large area. They are basically broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights. 58 watt high power LED flood light are mainly used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions. They are also used as a stage lighting instrument in concerts and plays

Style and Design
The beam angle is 130 degrees with also a tilt able handle onto it, and you can focus as desired. No adapters or additional wiring is required. It is water and weather proof since it’s used outdoors for flood and street lights. It is suitable for indoors as well and is also environment-friendly since it emits green energy.

Features are mentioned below. Brand: LEEDAX 58 watt high power LED Flood Light, Color: Pure White, Watts: 58w Power, 80% Lower Electricity Bills, No Risk from Power Fluctuations up to 440 volt AC, Operating Voltage Range 85 Volts To 265 Volts, Has low voltage, and is shock resistant.

Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturers & Exporters of Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

• Product Code: FL58NI
• Watts: 58 Watts
• Color Temp: 5500-6500 Degree Kelvin
• Color Rendering Index: 70-80
• LED Beam View Angle: 130 Degree

• Body Type: Aluminum Pressure Die Cast
• IP Protection Standard: IP65 Standard
• Covering: Toughened Glass
• LED Life Span: 50,000 Hours
• LED LM-80 Report: Yes
• I/P Voltage Range: 145-270 Volt AC

• Frequency: 50 Hertz (+/-) 5 Hertz
• Over Voltage Protection: Yes
• Surge Protection: 4KVA
• Power Factor; > 0.9
• THD: <10% • Driver Efficiency :> 85%
• Error % for above all: ((+/-) 10%)