Available Color Temperature Options

• Warm White: 2700-3900 Degree Kelvin
• Neutral White: 4000-5500 Degree Kelvin
• Cool White: 5500-6500 Degree Kelvin

2X2 LED Panel Conceal 50 Watt

2×2 LED panel have been designed to be installed in most common (24 and 15mm) exposed ceiling grids. Integral 2×2 LED panel have an LED drive with a plug-and-socket connector for rapid installation. If you are refurbishing a space – you can use the opportunity to switch to 2X2 LED Panel and optimize your lighting in terms of light output and cost
2×2 LED panel running electricity costs can be reduced further by the use of control systems for occupancy detection. Work can be carried out in phases if required to minimize disruption. If replacing traditional panels, Back-lit 2×2 LED panel provide a perfect drop-in solution
Upgrade – Enjoy higher light levels by replacing existing 2×2 led panel one-for-one with no changes to the ceiling grid.

Optimize -Achieve similar or brighter light levels by using less 2×2 LED Panel fittings than existing. E.g. in a room that has 4 light fittings across, you may be able to reduce to 3 across using 2×2 LED panel – making even more savings.

Reduce-Reduce your electricity cost by at least 60% by replacing it with LEEDAX 2X2 LED Light.

Replacing your existing fluorescent modular ceiling lights with retro-fit 2×2 LED panel is fast and easy way to enjoy significant savings on energy. You also get benefit from 2×2 LED light panel the best of both worlds with reduced maintenance and electricity costs and a brighter environment.

Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturers of 2X2 LED Panel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

• Product Code: 2X2PNL50
• Watts: 50 Watts
• Color Temp: 5500-6500 Degree Kelvin
• Color Rendering Index: 70-80
• LED Beam View Angle: 130 Degree

• Type: Conceal
• LED Life Span: 50,000 Hours
• LED LM-80 Report: Yes
• I/P Voltage Range: 145-270 Volt AC
• Frequency: 50 Hertz (+/-) 5 Hertz
• Over Voltage Protection: Yes

• Surge Protection: 2KVA
• Power Factor; > 0.9
• THD: <20% • Driver Efficiency :> 85%
• Error % for above all: ((+/-) 10%)