24 Volt LED Lights

If you want LED lights that are both reliable and efficient, here is our selection of 24 volt LED flood lights of various beam angles and brightness. We`ve put in extra effort to ensure these lights are some of your best lighting options. They have special watertight cable fittings, a decent amount of cable on each light, stainless steel screws, and reverse polarity enabled so you cannot hurt the light with a wrong connection. All of the marine models also have stainless steel brackets! And all of this at a reasonable price!

I/P Voltage: 24 Volt DC
• Initial Lumens O/P: Very High
• LED View Angle: 130 Degree
• COLOR Temp: 5250-6500 Degree Kelvin
• Fixture Type: Flood Light
• Fixture: Aluminum Die Cast
• IP Protection: IP65 Compliant
• Covering Toughened Glass
• Wattage Range Available: 20/30/40 Watts, Etc