Welcome to our 24VDC LED Lights Product range

Here we offer a selection of 24 volt dc LED lights, all particularly well suited for use with solar, wind turbine, micro hydro and marine systems that use a battery. All of these lights seen here use a standard regular household light fixture unless otherwise noted. These bulbs all have extremely long life, unlimited ON/OFF cycles and immediate starting and full brightness in cold temperatures. There are also some lights here which work at 24 volt AC as well, making them ideal for running 24 volt systems on their boats.

I/P Voltage: 24 Volt AC
1. Initial Lumens O/P: Very High
2. LED View Angle: 130 Degree
3. COLOR Temp: 5250-6500 Degree Kelvin
4. Fixture Type: Flood Light
5. Fixture: Aluminum Die Cast
6. IP Protection: IP65 Compliant
7. Covering Toughened Glass
8. Wattage Range Available: 40 Watt / 60 Watt /80 Watt